segunda-feira, março 08, 2010


I was watching The Invention of Lying – great movie – and a few thoughts came to mind. Actually, a lot of thoughts.

In the movie, the girl feels divided between two men. One of them, our hero is kind and loving and funny and all that crap but is not physically attractive: he is fat and he has a snub nose. Well, she does not want fat kids with snub noses – she wants beautiful children who will have an advantage in the world. So she starts dating a co worker of the other guy, who happens to be tall and handsome, but a real jackass. During the entire movie she mentions how she needs her children to have good genes to be successful in life. And this is the basis for all females and males in nature – they look for mates who will be best breeder, because they need their offspring to guarantee the continuance of the species.

Well I got to think a lot about this one factor in life. I remember a friend of mine who would say that she would not mind having very black kids, because she was so in love with her black boyfriend. I remember another girl who, even though had the perfect man by her side, did not want to have kids with him because he was black and she wanted straight haired children. I thought of myself dreaming about my possible children, always adding the characteristics of the person in charge of my heart at the time.

Well, today another interesting thought crossed my mind. I met someone and we have been talking a lot. He told me the other night he recently won a battle against cancer, a very specific type of cancer, which affects mainly older boys and young male adults. Needless to say, genetics are the key factor for developing this condition. So I ask myself: now what? And I ask that in many different ways. I think about me: let’s say I would move on with this guy, because he is a really great person and we interact very well, how would I deal with the fact that my boys, would be so prone to develop such a horrible condition at such an early age? I think about him: is he aware women will always be thinking about that once they know about what he went through? Is it fair that women would write him off because they don’t want his “bad genes” and he would end up alone? He already lost a woman, who he thought could have been the one, once he found out about the cancer. I wonder if this ghost follows him around.

Life is not easy, is not fair, is no nice many times. But life is good, he survived the cancer, he is alive and he gets to wake up every day and see the sun shining a new day. Life just sucks really bad sometimes.

But I am still not convinced I will give up my genetic selection for a great person. I still want to have tall children, with deep brown eyes.
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