quarta-feira, agosto 27, 2008

It brakes my heart

I guess my heart has been broken into several pieces a long time ago. Each piece loves a different person, a different smell and a different life.

If I am this almighty actress, I can live all these different lives, right? Wrong. Being in other arms only proved that his arms are the ones I want around me. Smelling a different scent showed to me how I miss his baby smell. And those eyes... always those eyes that make me want to eat him up.

Simple question: what matters the most, not to be able to see your future life with someone or not to be able to see your days without that person? Last night I heard someone's opinion and it was so funny. He would be the one that could make any difference in this matter. And his answer drove me directly into the memories of those mischievous eyes and that stupid face he does when I try to take his picture. We laugh and we laugh and we laugh. Nobody makes me laugh as much as he does. I never thought I would find a man who loves dogs as much as I do.

This is all so confusing. SO confusing. Another week will go by in my life and I am stuck under this skin and nothing I do will ever change this condition.

If life was a bar? Waitress, another beer and the check, please.
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